On January 2021, Northeast Residence Inc. will be acquired by Hammer Residences, Inc. (Hammer). The two organizations are non-profit disability service providers that support individuals with developmental disabilities in group homes and apartment programs.

NER and Hammer both share the same deeply held values that every person deserves a safe and healthy place to live and provide person-centered support helping each person experience life to its fullest. The synergies between the two organizations will also help better the lives of all individuals we serve.

“This opportunity is a positive one for both organizations,” said John Estrem, CEO of Hammer. “We have a combined 150 years of history supporting individuals with developmental disabilities. Going forward, we will be able to work together, learn from each other, and continue to deliver our values-driven services together.”

Coming together will also allow Hammer and NER to share technology and resources to continue to improve the support we provide individuals and to our staff. Jointly, we will be able to build relationships with more counties and legislators to strengthen our advocacy focus for disability services and allow us to become a stronger advocate for the individuals we serve and make an impact on the industry.

This is a positive opportunity for both organizations as each are steadfast in their commitment to continue their values-driven services. After January 1, 2021, NER will be a wholly owned subsidiary of Hammer and for the immediate future will continue its own independent operations and personnel.