What is Northeast Residence, Inc.?

Northeast Residence, Inc. is a responsive and innovative non-profit organization supporting adults with disabilities. Incorporating in 1973, it was one of the first residential providers in the Twin Cities to serve children with a primary diagnosis of developmental disabilities.


As time has passed, Northeast Residence, Inc has helped to educate the public about the rights of, and more importantly, the gifts that individuals with special needs bring to our communities.In providing community based activities, the general public is naturally given the opportunity to see the interactions adults with special needs. In doing an excellent job of teaching appropriate social skills, ensuring that everyone in our care is clean and well-groomed, Northeast Residence, Inc can help change what has often been negative perceptions into ones of positive acceptance.


In 2020, Northeast Residence approached Hammer Residences, another provider that works in the west metro, and shares the passion and values of NER. We believed that we could both be better if we joined forces. After months of meetings and sharing who we were, we both agreed and we start on this journey together. On January 1, 2021, NER was acquired by Hammer Residences, and we began to work together to merge the two organizations. Throughout the two years of aligning our organizations to be on, in 2023 we will legally become one organization.