• Supporting children and adults with developmental disabilities to live to their fullest potential.

What is Northeast Residence, Inc.?

Northeast Residence, Inc. is a responsive and innovative non-profit corporation providing services for children and adults with disabilities and their families.

Incorporating in 1973, it was one of the first residential providers in the Twin Cities to serve children with a primary diagnosis of developmental disabilities. In 1981, Northeast Residence, Inc. began to provide overnight, short-term care (respite-care services) for families who had children with developmental disabilities living in the family home.

This cost effective, unique and most needed service has provided support to over 350 individuals and their family members.

Periodic breaks help keep families emotionally healthy by providing opportunities for parents to have time for themselves and for siblings to receive the attention they need, attention that is often difficult to get when a person with special needs is in the home.

In keeping with the mission and in response to concerns from families, Northeast Residence, Inc continually evaluates and seeks input from the people we serve. In response, Northeast Residence, Inc has expanded its services since 1994 and now has 25 long-term care homes, a short-term overnight respite-care program, an adult day program, an after-school (extended-day) program, and in-home respite.

As time has passed, and with due diligence in pro-actively taking steps to meet our mission, Northeast Residence, Inc has helped to educate the public about the rights of, and more importantly, the gifts that individuals with special needs bring to our communities.

A variety of activities within the community and in the home provide an atmosphere of total equality and acceptance of all. In providing community based activities, the general public is naturally given the opportunity to see the interactions of children and adults with special needs. In doing an excellent job of teaching appropriate social skills, ensuring that everyone in our care is clean and well groomed, Northeast Residence, Inc can help change what has often been negative perceptions into ones of positive acceptance.