Respite Care

NER provides out-of-home respite care.

Since 1981, NER's overnight, out-of-home respite care program has served more than 350 families and is the pioneering model of respite care for families who have kept their children with special needs living in the family home. 


The minimum stay for this program is 48 hours, with an average stay of five days.  While at respite, the individuals served have the opportunity to meet new friends, enjoy a variety of community activities, learn to spend time away from other family members, and prepare for a time they will move from their family home.


For parents, this is the time the natural weaning process can begin.  As this process is often difficult for parents, respite care can also help prepare them for the inevitable.  Placement outside of the family home is almost always certain, either in an independent living environment or a supervised one.  Whatever the case, whatever the age, NER's respite care program can help prepare both parent and child.  This program is generally paid through the MA program.