February 1, 2017 neresidence

A Note to Staff Members at Northeast Residence, Inc.

February 01, 2017


Since 1973, Northeast Residence, Inc. has supported individuals and families in many of our programs, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  As each day passes to the next, the people we serve are safe in their own beds, you the staff person are nearby to assist if anything may come up that needs assistance, and the people we serve wake up to their daily routines and dream of their future plans.  In the mix of the daily routines for the people we serve and the staff is that element of safety, but is equally about our life experiences and you provide a great amount of care to ensure these life experiences and dreams come true.

Northeast Residence has many employees that have worked here for 25 or more years, or 20 or more years, or 15 or more years, or 10 or more years or 5 or more years.  Some of you have worked here for less than 5 years and some are brand new employees.  Thank you for your dedication.

I see and hear of so many of you that come to work and you enjoy your purpose.  I want to highlight some of these things and please try to recognize yourself and your own purpose.

You have volunteered for special Olympic teams over the years.  If you are not a formal volunteer you ensure that the athletes arrive on time and have fun at these events!  You volunteer for other events, such as the bon fire, luau, walking club, and planning picnics.

You are a shoulder to cry on or to work through a problem after a person you serve or a co-worker has a bad day or is upset.

You pour your heart into cooking meals for the individuals you serve. You assist in packing lunches for work the next day.  You work to assist in people getting ready to go to work or to appointments or to just be there every day.    You clean the home you work in.  You go grocery shopping. You remind people or assist people with laundry.

You drive people to the coffee shop, swimming, Target, Walmart, out to dinner, to movies, to sporting events, to go to the gym, to mom and dads or other family events, to the store to buy the costume for the bon fire and the Hawaiian shirt for the luau, vacations, to be with friends, and to picnics.

You go for walks and bike rides.  You enjoy the summer evening by sitting on the porch or deck. You dance, play music, sing. You paint nails, do hair, take people for haircuts.  You do art projects.

You take people to their doctor appointments.

You complete timesheets to ensure people are paid.  You take the time to say thank you to your co-workers.  You take the time to say thank you to the individuals you serve.

You pay the bills.  You double and triple check time cards.  You balance the checkbook.  You follow laws and regulations and finish paperwork.

You hire people.  You train people.  You deal with difficult situations that may arise.  You work with counties to be sure we are paid correctly.  You audit petty cash.  You fix computers.  You wake up in the middle of the night to take someone to the hospital.  You wake up during the night to assist individuals with what they need.

You have cared for someone who is dying.  You have attended a funeral or more than one funeral for the people you care for.  You have made brownies or dishes to share for these funerals.

You pick up shifts when a co-worker cannot make it to work, or there is not enough staff at the site to fill the shift.  You recruit your family and friends to work here.  You support your fellow co-workers.  You mentor people formally and in-formally.

You have had a bad or difficult day.  You have a smile on your face despite your difficulties.

You come to work, you care!  You see the joy in the eyes of the people you care about just because you walk in the door!

You make future plans, you help people dream and live their best lives.

There are so many different roles that each of you fills and what you do is so important.  You are appreciated by the people you serve, the people you work with, the management and the Board of Directors.  You work here because you care.  You make a difference!

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you! 

Heidi Holste, Executive Director