March 1, 2015 neresidence

Changing NER Newsletter

March 01, 2015

Happy March –

We are only one-month away from the official start of Spring! Speaking personally for a moment, my favorite season of the year is spring! I will likely save my most optimistic thoughts about spring for the April edition of this newsletter.

Speaking of the newsletter, we are considering making changes to the newsletter in content and in appearance, some of these appearance changes have already begun and will continue. As for the newsletter and content, we hear anecdotally from staff and from others that they read the newsletter every time it comes. We hear anecdotally from others that there are sections that they are particularly interested in reading. And, we hear anecdotally that there are some who do not read the newsletter at all.

At NER we take pride in maintaining regular communication with our employees, families and clients and our newsletter is one way we do that. Our goal in writing and putting this newsletter to print, stuffing it in all pay stub envelopes and sending to the mailing list of over 400 people every month is that people will read it and that they will be aware and excited for what is happening at NER.

We would greatly appreciate if you would each take the time to complete the survey included as an insert to this newsletter and return it to our main office at 410 East Little Canada Road, Little Canada MN 55117.

To make it easy, we will also take the responses to our survey over the phone, if you would like to do that, please call Jose Villalobos at 651-765-0217 and Jose would be happy to take your responses over the phone. For staff at NER that are willing to fill out the survey and include their name, they will be entered into a drawing where we will draw 3 names and give them each a $25 gift card, if the surveys are returned by March 6, 2015. Staff can give their survey directly to their Supervisors.

We want to hear from you about what you find most valuable about our current newsletter and what we could do to improve or what you find interesting. We also realize that we are in the electronic age and we are still producing a paper

copy of the newsletter. We would appreciate your thoughts in receiving this newsletter in a different way.

Please know that there are no “correct” answers to this survey, we are simply gathering information about whether people read it, what they find most interesting and whether you would be willing to view an NER newsletter in an electronic format (and provide your e-mail address for doing so). We will not judge anyone’s answers to the questions. We simply want to make our newsletter the best it can be!

Thank you for your time and as always, my door is open, please feel free to stop in or call at any time with good news, concerns or just to say hi.

Have a great rest of the winter!

Heidi Holste, Executive Director