September 1, 2014 neresidence

Driving for Dreams – Annual Golf Tournament 2014

September 01, 2014


On Monday August 11, NER hosted its 14th annual golf tournament known as the Driving for Dreams golf tournament.  The first was Program Director, Shari Newgard’s idea.  Little did she know that NER’s golf tournament would grow to be one of the best in the area.

As the title implies, this tournament is all about the people/families we serve at NER.  The dollars raised are used to directly provide opportunities that might not otherwise be possible.  Programs like respite care and after school or work, and activities like Special Olympics, and camp/vacations, and adaptive equipment are all made possible because of the generosity of those who sponsor, golf, and/or volunteer their time to this very special event.

Each year everyone attending tells us they appreciate how much fun and well organized this event is.

For the past several years we have held the tournament at Indian Hills Golf Club in Stillwater. The food and service are beyond compare and we are so fortunate to continue to partner with them.

It takes numerous people to pull off an event like this, but it is the leadership of Development Director Linda Lia, and staff members like Yvonne Kutzer and Missie Richards who have served on the committee for years to make things run so smoothly.  In all, more than 20 staff, board members, and community volunteers worked on the tournament this year.

To the office staff, program supervisors, friends and family members who helped in any way thank you so much.

To Joe Wilmes, our photographer extraordinaire, what a fantastic job he does!!! Each year Joe volunteers his time and talent taking amazing photos of each team.

Donations of silent auction items, and VERY generous sponsors along with nearly 120 golfers this year, brightened the entire day despite moments of intermittent rain.

As I drove home I couldn’t help but think of how fortunate the people NER serves are to be blessed to have so many people care for and support them.

Thank you to EVERY single person and organization involved in this year’s Driving for Dreams tournament. You make a positive difference in the lives of the people we serve, and they are blessed because of you.

As you know, this was my last special event in my current position at NER.  On December 31, my job as I have known it to be for many years will be over.  The training of a new person will have been well on its way, but I will continue to be involved in helping people at NER realize their dreams, and I will certainly be involved in the Driving for Dreams tournament because like you, I want to help every person we serve realize their dreams no matter what they might be!

Thanks again and enjoy the rest of this beautiful summer.

Corrine Schmidt, Executive Director