September 1, 2016 neresidence

Go for the Gold during this Season of Change!

September 01, 2016

Every month we have a newsletter and I know it is read by many.  Sometimes I have written what I mean to be inspirational articles and other times I write about changes that are happening or even about events that we have coming up.  This month I will combine both.

Forgive me for the obvious title of this month’s newsletter as the Olympics recently concluded.  If you are like me, you enjoy watching the highlights in the evening or catching them throughout the day.  These folks have a dream and they have put their hearts and souls into achieving this dream.  While many of us may not strive to be Olympic athletes, we strive to live our lives with purpose and determination to put our best foot forward and succeed at what we do.   We are all very fortunate that we work and support people who do want to be Olympic athletes – many of the people we serve participate in Special Olympics – I challenge you all to attend a Special Olympics event and you will be inspired!  We are always looking to recruit coaches for our Special Olympics events, if you are interested in volunteering contact Jessica Baker at

In addition to striving for purpose and success, we also must face changes between, school, friends, careers, life choices, laws, regulations, the list goes on.  At Northeast Residence we are faced with changes that include all of the above on the list and many more.  We each experience our lives through our own lenses.  Here more than anywhere else we also experience our lives through the lenses of the people we serve.  As we go through life seeking inspiration and value, many of us realize that all we have to do is get up every day and go to work at Northeast Residence and be with, be around, and serve the people that we get to work with every day.

In this season of change, we have changes in the weather coming up; we have children or friends going back to school and college; fall weather soon arriving and in our profession changes to regulation.  Change is inevitable.  In the process of complying with these regulations, we must also put the people we serve first.  We must be willing to put aside our own worries and struggles throughout the day and throughout our lives and support the people we serve to reach what they want to achieve.  Person centered planning is a term we use to describe this way of looking at what we do, but really what it comes down to is supporting people in their daily lives and hopes and dreams.

Some changes ahead for Northeast Residence will include looking for ways to ensure we continue on the path of person centered planning.  Ensuring we are meeting regulations for the services we provide as well as changes to employment law the Federal Labor Standards Act.  Change in regulations often brings the stress of how to implement this change.  We will be seeking input from our employees as we move toward implementation of these changes.

As fall approaches, the work of the advocacy committee will continue.  Special Olympics Bocce Ball will soon wrap up and Special Olympics Bowling will begin.  In our last newsletter we highlighted a need for additional Advocacy Committee members as well as a person who is able to assist us with creating videos for our advocacy and employment needs.  I am happy to say that we are still recruiting members to serve on the Advocacy Committee and that we have a person who will be helping us to create the videos – talent on our own staff – Kate Fitzer who is the Staffing Coordinator will be assisting us for our video projects as well as joining the Advocacy Committee.

It is my belief that we have the inspiration that we need in the work that we do, what we make of the changes we have been faced with in life is how we move forward.

Recently Governor Dayton proclaimed the week of Sept 12-16, 2016 to be Direct Support Professionals week.  Please take some time to offer the staff at Northeast Residence your thanks and appreciation.

Heidi Holste, Executive Director