June 24, 2016 neresidence

In Remembrance of Marcie Johnson April 14, 1977 – June 17, 2016

June 24, 2016

This past Friday morning, Marcie Johnson, left us in this world, leaving a legacy of love, care, and compassion.  Marcie joined the NER family in 1997 when she started coming to the Extended Day at the Maplewood Community Center.  She continued coming to “the center” throughout all these years, spending many afternoons entertaining and doting on her friends.  Marcie began going to Respite in 2001 when Respite moved to the new accessible facility in Little Canada.  Over the past 20 years at NER, Marcie touched and captured many hearts; it was nearly impossible not to be drawn in by her charisma.

Marcie was a lifelong friend, a kind caring woman offering hugs, a caring co-worker; someone we looked forward to working with at NER and to her parents, Kathy and Glenn, Marcie was the Princess and love of their life.  Marcie was well loved.  In fact, I heard someone say, “She made you love her” and another say, “She drew you into her orbit of wonderful.”  Marcie was a caretaker of her friends; tending to, or instructing staff to tend to their every need.  If staff needed to go help someone else, Marcie would always say, “Don’t worry, I got ‘em, I’ll watch them.”

Marcie had a lot of hobbies and loved to make bracelets and beads.  She loved drawing pictures for Mom and Dad and was always so proud to announce, “My dad is picking me up!” She really enjoyed getting her hair done by William.  Marcie loved Jesus and loved going to church on Sunday.

Marcie’s smile and laugh was infectious, contagious and endearing.  She was loud and gregarious; with Marcie in the room, there was never a lack of conversation.  Marcie was a beam of sunshine and so very full of life.  Marcie was a wonderful role model:  how to make friends, how to have fun, how to be grateful, how to lift people’s spirits, and how to be a great friend.  She was very caring and always tried to help her peers.  She would never let anyone tease anyone else and was more than eager to come to their defense.

Please keep Marcie’s family and friends in your thoughts during this difficult time.  Thank you to all staff who worked with Marcie over the past 20 years, and thank you Kathy and Glenn for sharing your Princess with all of us at NER!

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