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NER Is A Responsible Steward of Financial Resources

June 01, 2015



Dear Supporters of Northeast Residence –

Today is May 29, 2015, the date of the Northeast Residence (NER) Annual Fundraising Dinner.  I want to thank all who attend; participate in the planning and execution; and, for those that donate to this event.  There is a lot of work behind the scenes that takes place by NER Board Members, Staff, and Volunteers in the success of this event. AND it is successful!

In 2015, NER will continue the tradition of raising money for the needs that we have always provided to our clients such as activities and events for our clients such as purchasing movie tickets; sponsoring Special Olympics activities; client camping trips; purchasing adaptive equipment and other adaptive needs; supporting the NER respite care program; and, the NER after- school and summer programs for families whose children and adult children still live in the family home.  Also in 2015, we have a few “BIG” additions to this list of reasons to support us with your donations.  NER is in need of purchasing a wheelchair accessible van, purchase adaptive equipment for our clients and providing property adjustments/improvements to our homes for clients who may have accessibility needs.  Thank you to those of you that support us through our events and donations!

In this article, I want to share some news about our recent financial audits that I will show you that NER is a responsible steward of the financial resources entrusted to us to care for the clients and that we serve.

I want you all to know that as the Executive Director of NER, I am very proud of the ALL the staff that work here.  Below I will highlight some results that we recently received and have been reported to the Board of Directors and to the NER Management Staff in regard to our annual audit and a Social Security audit that were conducted recently.

As part of our annual audit, we have two auditors that spend three full days in our offices reviewing our records.  Highlights of this audit include:

*  Olsen Thielen (our auditing firm) reported that NER had an unmodified “clean” opinion/audit.
*  NER has a strong statement of financial position.
*  Payroll balanced to zero, payroll is 78% of our budget.
*  No adjusting entries needed in payables, issued 4616 checks in 2014.
*  All Service Agreements were billed timely and accurately.
*  All pre-audit work completed timely and accurate.  No difficulties were encountered in performing the audit, it is noted   in the audit narrative that they “wish to thank the Organization’s management and staff for their assistance”.

Because NER is a Rep. Payee for a number of our clients, we are also subject to Social Security audit.  Three years ago NER had a Social Security audit and we were notified that we would have one again in 2015.  The Social Security auditors were here on March 31, 2015.  Highlights of their verbal report of this audit include:

  • *  Audits are done every 3 years, but did note that they can come out and audit at any time.
  • *  NER was notified 2 weeks before audit of the 12 residents they would review.
  • *  Supervisors brought client financial books into the office.
  • *  Staff reviewed the financial books to ensure that everything was in order for the audit.
  • *  Auditors were impressed that all books were easy to follow.  They saw different styles but said it was clear that they all followed the same basic processes set forth by the NER financial department.
  • *  They commented that we were a great example of what a Rep Payee is/does.
  • *  They said it was evident that we know our beneficiaries well and made sure their needs were taken care of but also that they had the opportunity to have fun.
  • *  Their final comment was that our financial books were meticulous.

Thank you to all the NER staff that work hard on behalf of our clients!

Have a great beginning of summer!

Heidi Holste, Executive Director