June 1, 2014 neresidence

Never a Shortage of Things to do in MN

June 01, 2014




Can you believe that June is already here? Isn’t it great to finally see everything nice and green, flowers blooming and the smell of fresh air in the house?

Now is the time we move from doing the indoor work that needed to be done to doing the outdoor work that needs to be done; from indoor activities to outdoor activities.

Living in Minnesota, there is never any shortage of things to do no matter what the season. The newspapers and local magazines are filled with calendars of community events and activities to enjoy. For summer, this includes concerts in the parks, community festivals, beaches, walking and biking paths, and picnic places and the list goes on and on… Most all of these things are free. All anyone needs is possibly a blanket, some water, sunscreen, and maybe a little bug repellent.

My challenge to everyone is to be creative, to use the resources available to you, and to think of ways to make the lives of the people you care for as special as they themselves are.

Assume that the people in your lives who have limitations will enjoy the same things that you do. See beyond the disability and see the ability and the potential in all that they do. You will be amazed at how limitless their ability to enjoy life to the fullest really is.

If you like Valley Fair, or Como Zoo, or the MN Zoo, of course it is possible that others do as well. If you like the MN Twins or a concert in the park or an outdoor play, why wouldn’t other people like it as well? AND just because you do not like it does not mean other people do not. It is after all, all about the people you serve.

When possible, let the people you work with make choices. This will help them feel valued and appreciate things that much more.

In some cases, you might want to plan ahead and make sure everything you need for the activity is available and possible. At NER, staff’s job is to communicate information with the residents and with one another. Above all, take advantage of the many opportunities available to you.  As I mentioned, many of them are free and others are very inexpensive. This is an opportunity to try new things and to introduce the people served to new ideas and activities.

I am confident that as you make good use of the activities available in our communities, you will be pleased and you will find that your jobs are more fun and productive for all.

Enjoy this beautiful time of year, have fun, keep busy and as always, thank you to all caregivers for the excellent work you do and parents and guardians for sharing your loved ones with us. We are blessed!

Corrine Schmidt, Administrator