June 25, 2015 neresidence

Remembering Mary Hudak

June 25, 2015



Mary Hudak walked into the County Road F home 15 years ago and plopped down on Missie’s (live in supervisor) couch; everyone agreed, Mary had found her new home. She lived there with the County Road F family until the morning of 6/23/15, when she peacefully left this world and was reunited with her parents and friends who went before her.

Mary was such a beautiful loving person, very engaging, and she gave so much to so many. Mary’s eyes were so blue and beautiful; I couldn’t help but tell her how beautiful her eyes were when I saw her. She participated in Special Olympics for years and has medals and trophies beyond belief. Over the years she participated in swimming, bocce ball, bowling and track and field. Mary was blessed with a wonderful fun loving family that adored her. I heard so many of the staff over the past week telling Mary how she made them fall in love with her. Mary’s housemates were sad to see her go and happy for her that she is with her parents again. Mary’s two families doted on her over the past weeks and served her well. All the hospice nurses commented on how loved and cared for Mary was; it was very easy to see. Staff brought a guitar and ukulele and were singing for and with Mary. Another staff made a dream catcher for Mary, all spent hours visiting.

Mary enjoyed life, family and many friends. She was always there to brighten the lives of others. Thank you to the Hudak family for sharing Mary with us and thank you to all the County Road F team for their dedication to Mary!