February 1, 2015 neresidence

Remembering Todd Norman

February 01, 2015

NER was saddened to say good-bye to Todd from Hugo when he passed away on January 14, 2015.  Todd became part of the NER family in October 2000 when the Hugo twin homes opened.  Todd brought excitement and fun to those who got to know him.  Todd had a large family and all the brothers and sisters made it to say goodbye before he passed away.  It was fun to hear of Todd’s life before he moved to Northeast, his family has so many great stories and memories.

Many of Todd’s housemates and staff from Hugo were able to attend the funeral to say goodbye.  Todd’s family commented so many times about how happy and appreciative they were that Todd had such a great home at Hugo and that the staff always took such good care of Todd.  One of his housemates spoke during part of Todd’s funeral, fondly recounting their nickname for Todd, “Stormin’ Norman.”

One of the great stories that I heard was how Todd loved music, and when going to church at North Heights, Todd would sing loud and proud and make a joyful noise during the service.  While at Region’s, Todd was visited by a very talented music therapist.  I joked with Todd that he was getting his own private concert by a pretty lady.  Thank you so much for all of you who touched Todd’s life!

Shari Newgard, Program Director