June 1, 2016 neresidence

The Mission of NER

June 01, 2016


Northeast Residence, Inc. creates opportunities for children and adults with developmental disabilities, enabling each to live and make choices to fulfill their potential, ultimately enriching our communities and providing quality support to families.

This is the mission of Northeast Residence, Inc.  Each of us supports our mission statement by supporting the individuals we serve and supporting the work of Northeast Residence.  Choice, fulfilling potential and enriching our communities for each individual we serve is what we are all working toward and why we all choose to be a part of Northeast Residence.  This is done in many ways throughout the year and here I would like to highlight a number of activities in the recent past and near future that have an impact on the work we do at NER.

When spring starts to show around here in Minnesota is the time of year where many of the people we serve participate in Special Olympic Track and Field events.  These athletes practice weekly and recently participated in an area competition. Many of our athletes took home ribbons for their hard work and dedication to their efforts.

Recently NER held our First Annual “Walk, Run, Roll.”  This event was so much fun for the participants.  Please look to the inside pages to see some great photos of the people who participated and walked, ran and rolled in our fun event.  Because this event was such a hit this year, we will be doing a “Second, Annual, Walk, Run, Roll” event again next year!

We have fun at NER, whether it is organized events such as Special Olympics, or the Walk, Run, Roll; we also have a number of additional get togethers for the people we serve.   Some of the homes organize BBQ’s or other community outings to be together.  Many, many of the people we serve also participate in community activities and attend events and fun activities in their own communities.  Some of the people we serve go on vacation – this year there is a trip to Jellystone in Wisconsin; Branson, Missouri, and we even have a trip planned to New Mexico in the fall!  All of these activities are so important and we appreciate all of your efforts to make sure these things happen – staff, families, and supporters!  We all have hopes, dreams, and plans and at NER we take our mission statement very seriously and ensure that we can support the individuals we serve in their own individual way.

In addition to what I detailed above, NER will have a number of organized events coming up – June 3 is the Annual Fundraising Dinner, July 19 is the Annual Luau, August 3 is the Employee Picnic, August 8 is the Golf Tournament and of course we will have Special Olympic Track and Field events through the middle of the summer, Bocce Ball beginning in the middle of summer and beginning in the fall, Bowling.  NER will also have a presence at Little Canada Days and Marketfest to provide the community with more information about our company and the services we provide. If you would like to get involved in any of these as a spectator, coach or other type of volunteer, please reach out to the House Supervisor and/or Jessica Baker – Director of Development (Jessica also coordinates volunteers).

In addition to the fun we have to support the people we serve and our mission statement; as an organization that serves people with disabilities we have certain regulations that we are required to follow – most of these fall under the Statute “245D.” As part of these regulations, we are required to demonstrate person centered planning and service; track a number of items for the people we serve; provide and track training requirements; and, also to document all of the things we do.  We are responsible for these regulations and take this very seriously.  As part of the “245D” regulations, we receive occasional visits from the Minnesota Department of Human Services Licensing Division as a routine procedure, called a “compliance monitoring” visit.  This means that a representative of DHS visits our offices and visits our programs.  Recently a representative of DHS was here for our regular “compliance monitoring” visit.  Officially, our visit ended in zero licensing violations.  The person from DHS that was here was very impressed and verbally told us we received an “A+.”  While the official document we received simply states “there were no licensing violations” we are proud of our staff for the hard work put into this achievement.  I want to offer praise to the employees that worked very hard to make sure we have the right systems in place and that we are following the regulations to the best of our ability.

Another activity that happens on an annual basis is a financial audit.  As a 501(c)3, non-profit organization, we contract with Olsen Theilen each year to do an audit of our financial operations.  Olsen Theilen also verbally tells us each year that we “do a great job” and that we have files and the information requested and required so organized for them that they are able to do their work on our audit in a timely and complete manner.  Once again this year, our audit came back “clean” and without error.  I want to offer praise to the employees that worked very hard to make sure we are following accounting practices and principles to ensure that we are accounting for the money we receive to care for the people we serve.

We are a provider that serves 140 people and has 300 staff.  With the DHS “compliance monitoring” review and the financial audit, we are more than pleased with these results.  We will continue to strive to be the best provider around.  The staff at NER take each experience, positive and not, as a learning experience.  Speaking on behalf of myself; the leadership team at NER; and, the Board of Directors; we take the responsibility we have to care for your loved ones very seriously.  If at any time you have any concerns about programming or matters of finance, please reach out to me, or to Shari Newgard, Program Director or Lisa Heroff, Director of Finance.

Have a great spring!  I hope to see you at some of our upcoming FUN events!

Heidi Holste, Executive Director

hholste@nerinc.org or

651-765-0217 extension 13