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We All Live Our Lives To Strive To Be Happy

July 01, 2016



“A Great Attitude becomes a great mood.  Which becomes a great day.  Which becomes a great year.  Which becomes a great life.”  ~ Unknown Author

There are times when I read something and it really makes an impact on me.  I saw this quote a couple of weeks ago and it really struck me as meaningful in how I strive to live my own life and in the way it impacts the work we do at Northeast Residence.  A staff person recently told me that he really enjoys reading the quotes we put in our newsletter and cuts some of them out to save and refer to for inspiration.  I hope many of you enjoy these as well.  I encourage you as you go through your day, your year and your life to think of this quote and how it impacts you.  We all live our lives to strive to be happy.  I hope we can all remember that and encourage and support each other to be healthy and happy.

We live in an ever changing world and this includes the work for the people that we serve.  We have experienced many changes in the services to people with disabilities over the years and Northeast Residence has been at the forefront of many of these changes as we anticipate the needs of the future for the people we serve. As I have said in the past, the Board and the Leadership are committed to the services we provide today and we will look for opportunities to expand our service delivery to ensure that we provide the opportunities to enjoy great lives and be healthy and happy.

We do like to report on the positive things that happen in our organization such as our fun events and on-going work in this newsletter.  We also report on the ongoing efforts to provide positive supports to the people we serve, recruit staff, advocacy efforts, and compliance with regulations. At times, we also experience events that are very impactful to our organization.  We are a community and a team that truly comes together in the good times and the difficult times.

Unfortunately we experienced a fire at our home on Highway 96 in White Bear Lake.  First, it is important to point out that those who live and work in the home got out safely.  I tell you about this fire because it happened and to commend those who worked together the day of the fire to ensure that the people who live and work at this home got out and were safe and the fire was contained quickly.

The Northeast Residence staff who were working that day did a great job in calling 911 quickly and getting the 3 people who were home that day out safely and for that we are extremely grateful.  I also want to commend the police and fire departments for their role.  The fire department was able to contain the fire very quickly and they also worked to ensure that the goods inside the home were covered and not damaged by the fire or water from putting it out.  I also appreciated that the police worked quickly to arrive and to block off the road.  When it was safe to enter the home, the fire department showed us where the fire began and showed us how it was contained. The communication was excellent.  We learned that day that the fire was started in a fan in the ceiling of the bathroom.

We have been told that we will be out of the home for three months.  Being out of the home for three months has proven to have its challenges for sure and we will be very happy when the work is completed for us to return, but our staff are working together to ensure that the people who live in this home are well cared for, are healthy and are happy.  All the people who live in the home are living in other Northeast Residence homes at this time until the work is complete at their Highway 96 home.

Thank you to the NER staff in the home, the Program Department, Maintenance Department, Office Staff, Police Department, Fire Department, Holiday Inn and anyone else that has helped us through this difficult time.  We are truly grateful for your fast work and dedicated service.  Let’s all encourage each other and support each other!

Heidi Holste, Executive Director

hholste@nerinc.org or

651-765-0217 extension 13