November 1, 2016 neresidence

What and Who is Northeast Residence?

November 01, 2016


This question has been posed to me many times in the two years that I have been the Executive Director of Northeast Residence.  The official mission statement of Northeast Residence is as follows:  Northeast Residence, Inc. creates opportunities for children and adults with developmental disabilities, enabling each to live and make choices to fulfill their potential, ultimately enriching our communities and providing quality support to families.

At Northeast Residence we live this mission.  We have a great group of 140 people that we are fortunate to serve through our residential group homes, Respite Care program, Adult Day Care, Extended Day Program and In-Home support.

At Northeast Residence, we are also a group of people that work hard to provide valuable services for individuals with disabilities and their loved ones.  Throughout the year and in the daily lives of the people we serve, we strive to provide meaningful experiences and enjoying life in the community to fulfill hopes and dreams.  Northeast Residence is the 140 people we serve, the 300 staff, the friends of Northeast Residence, and the community in which all of us live and work.

Each year we also host our own regular events such as the Annual Luau in July and the Annual Bon Fire which was held this past weekend hosted by the men and staff that live and work at the Arcade house.  To participate in the gathering of so many people dressed in their costumes, having fun with conversations, dancing and eating the food prepared by each house is exhilarating and makes one feel part of this wonderful community that is Northeast Residence!  The joy you see on the faces of many to be there and see their friends is heartwarming and affirming for the work that we do.  Please see the photos in this newsletter.

Please support Northeast Residence.  The history of Northeast Residence is that in 1973, a number of concerned friends in the Northeast Metro formed Northeast Residence. The plan was to provide support for developmentally disabled children and has turned into the robust services we provide today.   Daily living expenses of room, board, and basic services are covered by the state of Minnesota and other government-based funding. To enhance the quality of life of the people we serve, as a nonprofit organization, Northeast Residence seeks additional funding through outright donations and other partnerships.

Your support makes possible things like properly equipped vehicles, Special Olympics participation, adaptive equipment, trips, community events, and other life-elevating experiences.

You will soon receive the Northeast Residence Annual Appeal letter.  We would be very grateful if you will donate to Northeast Residence through this annual appeal.  If you want to bring joy to the hearts of the people we serve, please consider a gift at this time. Your generosity will make a significant difference to those who need your help.

Give to the Max day is November 17, 2016.  We will be participating in this day as well.  Each person that gives to Northeast Residence, Inc. allows us to be entered into the Golden Ticket prize drawings where we have the ability to receive prizes.

If you shop using Amazon during this upcoming holiday season or throughout the year, you can designate Northeast Residence as your charitable organization and these funds come to us through your own shopping!

Thank you for your donations, involvement, and commitment to the people we serve at Northeast Residence.   In the coming months we will be announcing an on-line newsletter format and we will be asking each of you to provide an e-mail address.  If you would like to provide us your e-mail address and be ahead of the game, please contact Traci Maruska, Office Assistant at the Northeast Residence Main Office at 651-765-0217.  In the meantime, stay tuned for more exciting details in future newsletters!


Enjoy the fall!

Heidi Holste, Executive Director